Flexi Access Drawdown Advice

  Understanding Flexi Access Drawdown and How It RelatesTo Your Pension

Flexi access is an important term to understand when planning your future, but few are even aware of it. Flexi access drawdown is a service that allows you to gain access to the savings in your pension whenever you may need them. You can then reinvest the remaining funds that you have in that pension account in a more advantageous way. 

While not all pensions offer flexi access, it is worth exploring the possibility. It could ultimately help you achieve better long-term returns on your investment. However, you don’t want to make this type of risky decision without professional pension drawdown advice.

This advice needs to come from a pension specialist who has provided flexi access drawdown advice in the past. Our team at Kingdom Investments has over 20 years of experience advising clients on the best way to manage their pension retirement fund and more recently, on the benefits and risks of flexi access, since it was introduced,  so you can feel confident in what we have to offer.

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